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GLEEVEC® (imatinib mesylate) tablets have delivered efficacy and safety data backed by almost two decades of clinical use.1 First approved by the FDA in 20011, the figures speak for themselves.

  • Over 15,000 published articles2
  • Over 740 clinical trials3
  • 5,000,000 packs distributed4

GLEEVEC has a well-established safety profile.

Thank you for trusting in GLEEVEC.




References: 1.Gleevec [prescribing information]. East Hanover, NJ: Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp; 2020. 2. Pubmed. Available at: Accessed April 19, 2021. 3. Available at Accessed April 19, 2021. 4. Data on file. Gleevec Packs Distributed May 2001 - Sept 2020.


You may be eligible for immediate co-pay savings on your next prescription of GLEEVEC*

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Patient Assistance Now Oncology


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Our Patient Assistance Now Oncology (PANO) program was created to assist you with accessing your Novartis medicine(s)—from insurance verification to financial assistance—all through a knowledgeable and supportive call center.

Program overview
Novartis Oncology is committed to helping you get the Novartis medicine(s) you need. Access to medicine(s) can sometimes be difficult or confusing. PANO offers resources and support designed specifically to help make that process easier.*

PANO offers the following services:

  • Help with understanding your insurance coverage and financial responsibilities throughout the insurance verification process
  • Aid with identifying the pharmacies covered by your insurance plan
  • Insurance and Medicare education
  • Information about financial assistance that may be available*
  • Patient Support Counselors who are able to provide information in more than 160 languages
  • One single point of contact to help guide you through getting access to the Novartis medicine(s) prescribed by your doctor

*Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation does not guarantee success in obtaining reimbursement or financial assistance. Third-party payment for medical products and services is affected by numerous factors, not all of which can be anticipated or resolved.

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