Understanding Treatment



GLEEVEC® (imatinib mesylate) tablets is not a cure for KIT+ GIST. GLEEVEC targets several different proteins, including Bcr-Abl, PDGF, SCF—and the KIT protein, which is believed to cause most GISTs. Tests done in a laboratory environment (in vitro) show that GLEEVEC blocks KIT activity in GIST so that most of the cancer cells stop growing and multiplying, and some cancer cells even die.

Tools and Tips for You and Your Care Partners

KIT+ GIST may be rare, but you are not alone. Your health care team is working hard for you. Your friends and family may be serving as care partners—preparing hot meals, organizing paperwork, or just being there for emotional support.

KIT+ GIST Support Groups

Connect with other people who are living with KIT+ GIST, or get additional information and support.



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